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Jane is a financial professional at a large multinational company that manufactures and sells consumer products across the globe. Like many of her colleagues, she had believed that the world is flat, meaning geographic considerations matter less and less as economies evolve. However, after recently getting stuck in Northern Europe for several days because of a volcano, seeing her supply chain disrupted by a tsunami in Japan (a country her company doesn’t even have a presence in), and having to deal with her company’s ship being pirated on the eastern coast of Africa, Jane is starting to believe differently.

She begins to realize that what drives businesses across the globe are forces much more powerful than customers, competitors, and suppliers. Businesses need to understand geography and other geopolitical factors to ensure long-term performance.

Beyond knowing her customers, competitors, and suppliers and how they evolve over time, Jane recognizes that geographic factors also have a strong and often dramatic impact on a business’s performance. After dealing with recent events, Jane starts to ask deeper questions:

  • Will her company have access to the resources they need when they need them?
  • What impact will changes in shipping routes have on the company’s profitability?
  • How will changes in climate affect shipping of her company’s resources and finished goods?

The geographic factors of resources and routes represent important driver of business activity that eventually impact customers, competitors, and suppliers. Jane realizes that to really grasp long-term strategic issues, she will need to acquire a basic understanding of these drivers.

To find the answers to her questions, Jane begins to explore this geopolitical driver further through examples that illustrate how it interacts with business strategy. This knowledge will help her make better decisions regarding strategy and finance and to become a more effective leader.

How comfortable are you with understanding and grasping the increasingly complex environment around which your company functions? In today’s regulatory climate, senior executives need to build a concrete framework for producing the sound analysis that will drive good strategic and financial decisions. The Accenture Academy course Analyzing the Impact of Resources and Routes on Finance explores this complex environment and gives you the tools to integrate this information in your decision making.


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