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Dana is a financial professional at a large multinational company that manufactures and sells products across the globe. Her management team has always prided themselves with knowing their customers, competitors, and suppliers, but their latest expansion abroad did not produce the results they were expecting. Dana has been asked to dig deeper and look at the drivers that affected her company to determine how they can harness these drivers to be more successful in the future.

She quickly realizes that just knowing who the firm’s customers are is not enough, but that she needs to know how they evolve and how they are likely to change in the long run.

Dana sees that behind markets, customers, competitors, and suppliers lie geopolitical forces that influence how these factors will change over time. By recognizing the impact geopolitical forces like demographics, routes and resources, politics and culture, and technology have, Dana can start to answer these questions:
  • Will her company have access to the resources it needs when it needs them?
  • How will changes in shipping routes affect profitability?
  • What impact will advancements in technology have?
  • Will the political and cultural climate of the prospective market impact company sales?
Demography, resources and routes, politics and culture, and technology represent the deep drivers of business activity that eventually impact customers, competitors, and suppliers. By analyzing how these drivers interact with business strategy, Dana can make better strategic and financial decisions and become a more effective leader.

How comfortable are you with understanding and grasping the increasingly complex environment of your company? In today’s regulatory climate, senior executives need a concrete framework for producing the sound analysis that will drive good strategic and financial decisions. The Accenture Academy course Recognizing the Impact of Geopolitics on Finance draws on the best of the best thinking of the US intelligence community to give you the expertise you need to become a more informed leader.

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