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The primary objective of any pharmaceutical manufacturer is to produce safe and effective medicines for patients worldwide, and serialization and track and trace implementations help them achieve this objective. But how does an organization attempt to apply serialization and track and trace processes to their supply chain in a well-planned and effective manner?

John DiPalo, chief technology officer of Acsis Inc. in his article “Serialization and Supply Chain Security: Regulatory Compliance Should Be the Byproduct, Not the Goal,” maintains the business benefits of serialization in pharmaceutical supply chains.

Serialization and track and trace can represent a fundamental difference in the way a pharmaceutical supply chain operates, and the organizational change required to implement the technology and workflows for these improvements can be difficult to manage and execute.

To be successful, the organization must convene a core team of stakeholders to deliver serialization and track and trace across all locations and departments. The team must document a strategy and ensure that it is followed, train personnel, and create new workflows.

Most important, it is critical to the success of the organization to start small and apply lessons learned across the organization. The process of piloting an implementation ensures that the process represents continuous improvement and that best practices are applied to meet the objective of patient safety.

Serialization and track and trace implementations are technically complex, change established workflows, and are therefore subject to the same hazards as other large corporate initiatives: stalled momentum, avoidance, and failure. Simply wanting change to occur is not enough. Change needs to be managed, forwarded, spread, and anchored in the culture.

Do you have a framework that will enable you to successfully change your supply chain for the better? If not, the Accenture Academy course Exploring Serialization Strategies and Management will provide you with invaluable information regarding the daunting task of moving your organization through a successful implementation of serialization and track and trace. Combining the methodology conceived by a world-famous change management expert with well-established practices, this course will help you chart a path to success. 

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