Performance Measurement Basics

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About the Course

An organization’s performance measurement systems send strong messages to all employees and drive their behaviors. It is imperative that these systems send the right messages and drive the desired behaviors.

Course Description

There are many performance measures that an organization can use and many ways in which those measures can be classified. A fundamental classification of measures is based on whether the measure supports the strategic objectives or the tactical plans. An organization needs a mix of both types of measures. In addition, the measures must be measurable, consistent, attainable, and mutually supportive.

This course introduces what makes up a performance measure. Also included is a discussion of how performance measures can be used in monitoring the ongoing performance of the organization. The application and structure of a performance measure is typically driven by the level of planning supported—strategic, operational, or tactical—as discussed in the course.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Define performance measures.
  • Explore performance measurement systems.
  • Classify performance measures.
  • Identify strategic measures.
  • Recognize tactical measures.


The following topics are included in this course:

  • Performance measurement systems
  • Classifications of performance measurements
  • Strategic measurements
  • Tactical measurements